Mental Monday - THERAPY


I wanted to start November off with some questions I often hear surrounding mental health and therapy;

How do I know I need therapy?

In my opinion anybody who isn’t feeling quite right in themselves mentally or that has any issues at all, by issues I mean; they feel they cannot cope with ordinary situations, something affects their life in such a way they cannot do what they want to, or leaves them feeling something they don’t want to and can’t shake it off, however small and insignificant they may think it is, (it isn’t!) or maybe they don’t feel worthy of therapy, (we all are completely worthy, be kind to yourself; love yourself). I tell them to please seek some help from a therapist.

Sometimes people think that therapists only deal with the seemingly big issues like psychosis, schizophrenia, manic disorders etc., no, we refer thos types of illnesses to psychiatrists who can prescribe medication. We are here for everyone, everyone’s issue is as important as the net one, no matter what it’s called.

Unfortunately NHS and charity waiting lists are usually around 6 – 12 months long, so, if you do have an issue, sign yourself up now! There are of course, like The Therapy Shed, private therapists, whom you can usually get in to see pretty quickly. We have sessions available this week.

What happens in a typical therapy session?

I obviously can’t speak for other private practises, but I can explain how we do things at The Therapy Shed. We sit and chat in comfortable chairs, with cushions, a cuppa and a cookie too! It’s kind of like chatting to someone you sit next to on a train to start with, then as time passes you build a good, strong, professional relationship.  

Your sessions will feel professional yet relaxed; we will give you positive encouragement and motivation with psychological support in a comfortable, private and safe environment.

Our talking therapies are a little bit more dynamic than what you might be familiar with. We do not go down the medication route as our therapies can be as effective as medication in treating some mental health problems.

We draw from the methods of all the traditional therapies, like; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Life coaching and Counselling, add in, if needed, some of our exciting and inspirational complementary therapies, like; aromatherapy massage, reflexology, meditation, nutrition and exercise, then our enthusiasm, motivation and support and you have a perfectly customised and complete therapy that is as individual as you are helping your mind and your body feel happier and healthier.

It starts with meeting your therapist, just sitting down, getting comfortable and chatting at first. Then your therapist needs to understand what is going on or has gone on in your life to get a ‘feel’ for you and what might be troubling you. She will ask you some fact finding questions to get an idea of your general background, your health, a bit about your family, your relationships, what you eat, how you sleep, what your general day is like, any traumatic incidents, that sort of thing, the answers to these questions are very important to build a clear picture of you and your life, but they must be honest.

Your therapist will then talk with you about your issues so she can identify the best tools to put in your very own tool box of coping strategies for you and your life.

At the end of your session, you will be given your own folder to keep anything relating to your therapy. It comes complete with a mood and food diary, a place where you can record anything you want to, like a day to day diary but you are not under any pressure to do it daily. Websites and phone numbers of organisations you might want to reach out to, our code of ethics and policies. You can keep your summary emails; after every session we email to you a summarisation of your therapy, which includes anything we have asked you to do at home between sessions, what we have covered in your session, a copy of your intake form where we record how you feel now and how you want to feel, your goals and aspirations. Anything recorded on your personal file is kept under lock and key, anything shared between you and your therapist is totally confidential.

How long will I need therapy?

Obviously, depending on your issue depends on how much time you will need in therapy. Some issues, like surprisingly, traumas, can take one or two sessions. Depression and anxiety can become more tolerable after only one session. Any issues can at least become easier to deal with once you start therapy, just talking about it is a massive weight off many people’s shoulders, so don’t put it off any longer!

All of our talking therapies are available via the telephone, email or video chat too, but for our first meeting we would like to see you face to face, so we can get a feel for you and your needs and design the ultimate therapy for you provide you with your diary and explain the whole process.

How much does it cost privately?

Our sessions are £40.00 for 60 minutes, which includes you email summary. In other practises you can expect to pay between £40 and £150. With us, for your first session of 60 minutes you will also receive another 30 minutes absolutely FREE on top of your 60 minutes, this gives you an hour and a half to settle in and feel if your therapist is right one for you. If not, we will understand, not everyone is right for everyone.