Wellness - MEAT


Flabby Friday! I know I know, it’s Saturday! But I have been concentrating on writing this months newsletter and adding all my gift vouchers to The Therapy Shed Store in time for Christmas, after about 28 hours of work, phew! I have designed the vouchers, the store and the website myself and it takes soooo much time (but saves soooo much money!) Plus, it’s not doing my weight loss any favours as I have been sitting on my backside the whole time! Which is absolutely no good. But it’s finished now, onward and upwards...


So I’ve plateaued again this week, didn’t gain didn’t lose, not surprising after being sat at my laptop/backside for so long! But it has spurred me on to really concentrate on myself and make that next cut in portion size for November. I’m definitely doing the Tai Chi this week too.


Whilst sorting out my store I had Netflix on in the background and watched yet another documentary about the food we eat, it was called, ‘Food Choices’, jeez, we really are pawns in a massive manufactured food game, aren’t we?

If you want to take control of your body and subsequent health, give it a watch.

I really would like to have a completely plant-based diet, but after 55 years of eating meat, because after all, humans are carnivores, it is hard, especially when there are two strapping teenage boys in the house who would look at me somewhat askew if I gave them a spoon of anything green, let alone a plate full! So, therefore, I would have to cook meat and effectively another meal. These are my step children so I didn’t have a hand in their diets growing up and I think it is too late to do anything in the short term, as they haven’t had the knowledge to make their food choices. But I am hoping that the food we eat as a family now and the reasoning behind it will somehow influence their future choices as adults.

My other half and I have decided to cut meat down to start with. We have already cut out processed meat, which is the worst for us in terms of added chemicals, added salt and fat. I don’t know how I feel about giving up eggs and dairy, although, in Food Choices, when they described milk as ‘liquid animal’ it did serve to turn my stomach somewhat! I think I will make these choices gradually, as I know what is good for me and what isn’t. But to change from one day to the next after 55 years is not a recipe for success...