Wellbeing Therapies

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Wellbeing Therapies


Fantastic wellbeing therapies to really get your life back on track. Loads of strategies, tools for your toolbox of life. One to one and private, everything you need to succeed will be given to you in your session. You’ll wish you hadn’t put it off for so long! Start a happier healthier life now. Click the therapy you are interested to read more about it…



Reiki is an amazing Japanese healing technique which uses positive energy transference channelled from me to you by means of touch, concentrating on the opening and unblocking of your chakras and balancing the energy flow of your body. Reiki also activates the natural healing processes in your body and restores physical and emotional well-being.

I use Reiki healing crystals to amplify the effect by placing them on top of the corresponding chakra centres within your body. As a gift from me, you are given these super charged crystals to keep with you always so the healing can continue.

Reiki can have truly amazing results, a tangible therapy that can be an emotional experience. Reiki is effective for both physical and emotional problems.

Reiki and your 7 Chakra healing crystals, 30-40 mins, £25

Reiki, your 7 Chakra healing crystals and Indian head massage, 40-50 mins, £30

Reiki, your 7 Chakra healing crystals and Reflexology, 50-60 mins, £45

Reiki, your 7 Chakra healing crystals and guided meditation with recording, 60 mins, £45

Reiki, your 7 Chakra healing crystals and full body massage, 60 mins, £50

Reiki, your 7 Chakra healing crystals, full body massage, Indian head massage and meditation, 90 mins, £70


MenoMassage - Top to Toe

Full body Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage

I have been creating some oil magic! I have personally blended some of the most helpful essential oils for menopause; Geranium, Lavender, Clary Sage and the most potent of all my secret ingredient! All are blended into an Evening Primrose carrier oil, which, in itself is extremely helpful, the other ingredients have individually been helping women for centuries and by mixing them together I’ve created a potent blend helping many of the symptoms of menopause, like hot flushes, mood balancing, and restless sleep. Your oil is created especially for you and you get to take the bottle home (approx 80 ml) to use in your bath, on your skin, in a diffuser, whatever you like so you can keep feeling fabulous until your next massage.

Your skin will soak the blend up through a 60 minute, fantastic full body massage to give you relief from your symptoms. Also included in the treatment is a wonderful 30 minute Reflexology for menopause, where I add peppermint to the blend to cool your feet as they are the thermostat for the rest of you, I manipulate the reflex areas that correspond with your menopause symptoms to ease those, you will be amazed at the results. Then your scalp and hair will benefit from a ‘wow’ Indian head massage, still using the magic blend of essential oils but this time with the addition of Frankincense which will calm your head, rejuvenate your skin and the aroma leaves you feeling uplifted and calm, literally from top to toe.

1 hour 45minutes £75


Full body massage only

Same oil magic! Geranium, Lavender, Clary Sage and the most potent of all my secret ingredient! All are blended into a Evening Primrose carrier oil, which, in itself is extremely helpful, the other ingredients have individually been helping women for centuries and by mixing them together I’ve created a potent blend helping many of the symptoms of menopause, like hot flushes, mood balancing and restless sleep.

Your skin will soak the blend up through a 60 minute, fantastic full body massage to give you relief from your symptoms.

60 minutes £45


Anxiety Management

If you find yourself getting increasingly anxious about things you were fine about before, worrying over things that didn’t ever bother you, maybe you no longer want to socialise, particularly in big groups or maybe you suffer from panic attacks, then you are developing anxiety. Come and talk it all through with a cuppa and a cookie and we will give you lots of tools to deal with your triggers and strategies to cope with the feelings a lot better.

60 mins £40



   Practising meditation allows you to 'let go' of everyday worries and literally 'live in the moment'. We will teach you Meditation and Relaxation techniques in our gorgeous private, warm and comfortable therapy room, here are a few of the techniques I may introduce to you; Visual imagery, Guided visualisation and Progressive muscle relaxation are all excellent techniques which give great results. Relaxation might be one of the most essential factors in maintaining a healthy body and mind. It can increase your memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills. Anxiety disorders, depression, and panic attacks also improve with relaxation. You will receive recordings of the guided meditations so you can carry on at home.

45 mins £20



If you’re feeling sluggish, can’t shift those few pounds you’ve gained? Can’t focus? Have indigestional problems and you generally know you’re not making the best of the food and drink around us then you need to come and chat about everything. A private one to one session with a cuppa, I will guide you through the confusion of food labelling, what’s good what’s bad, all about diet fads. I will give you food and mood diaries, menu planners and recipes designed for your life and family. I can also teach you how to shop savvy and cook some quick, easy health packed foods.

60 mins £30



Would you like to get more exercise but don’t know what is best for you? We will guide you through the different types and their benefits, selecting what you feel comfortable with, which could include Yoga, walking, Tai Chi, dancing or one to one gym work with one of our specially selected partners. We will help you make sense of it all, to get you and your family healthier now.

60 mins £25



Mindfulness lets you become aware of your mind and your thoughts through guided meditation. However, Mindfulness is equally suitable for someone wanting to relieve depression or anxiety and improve relationships without wishing to practice formal meditation. Parents, children, siblings, friends, colleagues and therapists can benefit from mindfulness. Additionally, Mindfulness can be incorporated into other therapies. Mindfulness techniques can be incorporated into weight loss, Counselling, Relaxation therapy, Reiki, Reflexology and so on.

45 mins £20


Sleep Management

Good quality, uninterrupted sleep is the fundamental requirement we need to have good physical and mental health. It helps us heal and repair, gives us good energy, mood, and the ability to function well during the day. Bad quality sleep is conducive to irritability, bad mood, anxiety, depression, inability to focus well on the day ahead, and you’re putting yourself at risk of some physical issues like Diabetes, heart disease, obesity and it even shortens your life expectancy.

If you struggle to sleep for a good amount of time, or have interrupted sleep and wake feeling tired, drained and dreading the day ahead before you even start, then you are not alone, come and chat one to one with a cuppa and a cookie, get some fantastic strategies to reset your sleep clock.

60 mins £40


Life Coaching

Realise your true potential by following my coaching process that will uncover and eliminate obstructive thinking and behavioural patterns in your life. A solution focused approach to personal development aimed at helping you make very positive and lasting change and success in your life. I will guide and inspire you, to bring about a clearer understanding of your aspirations, goals and life purpose and to effect the necessary changes for the realisation of those goals and aspirations.

60 mins £40



If you’re feeling tired, sluggish stressed and overwhelmed and you’re finding it hard to deal with your everyday life, you may not be firing on all cylinders. So come and spend a couple of hours with me where I will look at all aspects of your life; your diet, your exercise, your work life and what generally goes on. I will be able to guide you through the hurdles, give you some new tools to deal with the harder stuff that life throws at us sometimes and give you some fabulous life hacks, top tips, new ideas about food and drink, give you recipes, planners and diaries to help you fuel yourself well and you’ll soon be able to get through your week with confidence and determination

120 mins £40


Stress Management

If you would like to have a better work life balance, dedicate some time to yourself and your family, stop juggling and start to live your life to the full, then come and learn how to on a one to one basis. We will discuss your life in detail, with a cuppa and a cookie of course! I will give you some fantastic strategies, diaries, planners, life hacks and goal setting targets to beat the stress, enjoy your time with your family and put that gorgeous smile back on your face.

60 mins £40


What happens in my Session?

We will simply sit together in our quiet and private therapy room one to one. We can have a cuppa and I will ask you lots of relevant questions to find out as much information to be able to guide you through your next steps. Sometimes it is beneficial to write some notes and keep a diary at home, but you will be provided with the paperwork, so to completely determine where your issues lie. If your session is for meditation or mindfulness, you will lie on the couch and practice together. After your session we will send you an email summary of everything we have discussed and achieved so that you can keep track of your progress and what you need to do next. If you have had mediation we will send you recordings of the same meditations in your email so you can carry on at home.

If you have any questions about these or any therapies please just call or email


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