Mental Health - ME TIME!


Monday’s blog will always be about our mental health and ways I hope to help any of you that sometimes struggle, with anxiousness, depression, phobias, or just thoughts that hinder our day. There are so many things you can do for yourself, whether in therapy or not. All of the tips, hints and help I give you can work for anyone, so people, let’s do this! We are going to have some ME TIME!


Today, we are going to take charge of any issues that stop us getting through our day without worry. If you find yourself over worrying, over anxious, so much so it cripples you and stops you doing something you really need to do. Tonight, or in the morning, I know it’s difficult, but please try and find 15 - 20 mins, no phone, screens, or other humans! a quiet room and sit or lay down comfortably wearing loose clothing. We are going to calm our mind and put our anxious thoughts to bed and we are going to Meditate.

The benefits of meditation for anxiety and stress include reducing physical discomfort, putting things into perspective to make better decisions and coping with difficult situations.

Every individual has different reasons for meditating, from relieving job stress and reducing anxiety of all kinds and minimizing physical pain to improving relationships and determining life's direction. No matter what the stress or anxiety, meditation can provide immediate relief.

The first thing to learn is to breathe; in through your nose and out through your mouth, slowly. Do this for 30 seconds or so to get use to it and keep it up throughout. Now, we are going to the beach, the forest or wherever you want to, in your mind’s eye of course. Now, still controlling your breathing, walk through your chosen location, take your shoes off so you can feel what is under foot, smell the air, touch the things you pass with your fingertips, hear the birds singing or the sea ebbing. When you are comfortable with your meditation start to think of the issues that are making you anxious, one by one explore the possible solutions to your presenting problems, use this time to think clearer and give this time to those things that are stopping you moving on and making good decisions, essentially you are giving yourself time to think and reflect. The answers will come to you.

Have fun everyone and please drop me an email if you have any questions or want to know more about being taught to meditate.

Denise x

See you next Monday for more of my ‘Mental Monday’ mental health guidance blog, or maybe, on Wednesday’s for ‘Wellness Wednesday’ for my mind and body general health and feel good blog, or Friday’s for my ‘Flabby Friday’ blog where I share my weight loss journey and hope to help anyone that needs a buddy, some good recipes, top tips and nutrition guidance x

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