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‘Wellness Wednesday’

Wellness isn’t about one thing we do to be well, it’s about all the things we do for our mind and our bodies to be totally well. The actual word is ‘holistic’, which the dictionary definition is; ‘Dealing with or treating the whole of something or someone and not just a part’.

Basically, in order to be well all over- mind and body, we must be aware of everything we are putting in our bodies, like; food, drink, chemicals, exercise of any kind, prescribed and non-prescribed drugs, and then, all the things we put in our mind, like; stress, anxiousness, worry and pressure. All in the correct amounts beneficial to our holistic health.

If you think you are not doing your mind or your body any favours and want to feel and be well then keep an eye on this blog on Wellness Wednesday’s.

Today we will talk about the first thing on the list, food.



Are we eating the best food we can to keep both mind and body healthy? Probably not, is the unfortunate answer. Because we are all slaves to a busy work life, time constraints to shopping and preparing fresher, healthier food, and probably not really knowing enough about the food we eat to shop well, prepare and serve healthy meals for our family, but we all MUST make a conscious effort to change this, we absolutely must.

Diet is the second highest risk factor for early death from cancer after smoking. Other high risks are high blood glucose which can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, high body mass index (BMI) and high total cholesterol. All of these can be related to eating the wrong foods, although there are also other causes.

So, I’m going to try and help you make better choices. Try and remember the following in all of your shopping and eating;


So if it has been prepared or cooked by someone else try not to eat it. We have to be realistic, in the 21st century we do not have time to make bread, crisps, crackers etc., etc., but if we can apply this to the maximum amount of food we can we will at least be consciously trying to avert all of the diseases mentioned above.

Let’s start at the beginning and concentrate on the shopping bit first.

Make a WEEKLY MEAL PLAN (click here to print and save one I have already made for you.) Include meals you can cook quite quickly with not too much preparation. I have selected meals that take 30-40 minutes to prepare, cook and serve… 


INCLUDE:  all fresh fruits, all fresh vegetables - organic if budgets allow, unprocessed meats, fresh meat, (minced beef and pork that has 5% fat or less), low GI breads or artisanal bakery items, olive oil for cooking and dressings, fresh fish, beans and pulses, pasta, natural yoghurt, full fat milk, soft and hard cheese, natural butter, eggs.


DO NOT INCLUDE: any manufactured products like; ready meals, ready sauces, condiments, soups or gravies, pre-prepared dehydrated products like noodles or rice, plain egg noodles are fine as part of a healthy diet, processed meats or meat that has been processed in any way, like; sausages, salamis and all sliced meats, bacon, gammon, burgers, meatballs, nuggets, goujons etc., processed vegetables like potato waffles or shapes of any kind, processed fish, pre-shaped fish of any kind, carbonated drinks especially high caffeine drinks, flavoured yoghurts, bakery products with more than 3 days shelf life, breakfast cereals including granola, spray oils, items containing sweetener, highly processed cheese, spreads pretending to be butter, all snacks in bags, I know, that’s pretty much everything then! But try the options from your local baker, farm shop, fishmonger and butcher or at least keep it to ‘only in moderation’.


BREAKFAST: actually when eating breakfast we are conditioned to think that most of the things available to eat at this time of day are healthy, THEY ARE NOT! Especially; breakfast cereals, jams and marmalades, orange juice, processed breads and bread products, like; bagels, crumpets, muffins, croissants and pastries, I know, that’s pretty much everything then! But try the options from your local baker or at least keep it to only in moderation. Fresh fruit salad with some natural yoghurt is gorgeous and sets you up; add some oats to keep you full till lunch. Eggs are great too, whichever way you prefer; I make a simple cheese omelette for my other half most mornings, takes approx 5 mins, wrap it and he eats it still warm, weekends we treat ourselves to a boiled egg and soda bread soldiers or poached when we have more time.


LUNCH:  if you can reheat food at your place of work, by far the healthiest option is homemade soups (or try a soup flask, if not) or reheated left overs from the deliciously healthy dinner you cooked the night before! If not there are unlimitless, healthier breads and fillings than you’re probably eating now.


DINNER: choose one pot meals like stir fries, spaghetti meatballs or Bolognese, Shepherd’s or Cottage pie, chilli con carne, curries, carbonara, stroganoff, stews in the winter, or oven dishes like; roast pork chops/chicken/ribs/ with roast potato wedges or vegetables or salads, homemade burgers, pizza, fajitas or wraps go down really well with young people and are amazingly easy to do, you just don’t realise it yet! Treat yourself to something a bit more luxurious at weekends, we need a pat on the back for our week’s work after all, but it doesn’t have to involve spending all day in the kitchen either, when you could be relaxing and unwinding.

Now you’ve completed your plan, done your shopping and are ready for the week ahead, I would love to hear your stories, please email me at help@thetherapyshed.com to tell me all about your experiences, how you feel mentally and physically, or any other advice I can help you with re this blog. Denise x

Next week’s blog is DRINK.