Wellness - New year, New you, find out how


So this week’s blog is about trying to convince you to look after yourself, all of yourself; your physical health and your mental health - holistically.


Think about it as if you were your car. If your car was spluttering and not running properly, because you’d put cheap fuel in and not had any regular maintenance, the bumper was hanging off and you hadn’t checked the brakes, the oil levels, the radiator and the windscreen water hasn't been topped up for months, goodness knows how much air is in the tyres, would you start out on a long journey just purely hoping for the best? No, you wouldn’t! You'd inevitably end up on the hard shoulder with steam pouring out from under the bonnet or with a blow-out you have no idea how to fix! You see! You do all these things for your car but not for yourself. You need your body to be healthy and maintained, this is where you live! So what are you going to do about it?


To start with you'll need an MOT!

That nagging little light on your dashboard, those rust spots, the old tyres are a bit worn and the ignition takes a couple of turns to really get going in the morning, sound like you? Then you need some maintenance and a full service and MOT! If you’re tired, stressed, low energy, prone to low mood, overworked, with not much enjoyment in your life, ask yourself if that is what you want from your life? Tell yourself you are worth more than that. YOU ARE, you’re amazing, you’re full of kindness and love and you’re not directing it in the right place, you are not living your life to your full potential, but it’s OK because I’m going to show you how to do it. You will be happier, healthier, less stressed, more fun and smile more.

Like your car you can only run well and for a long time with the right fuel, the right oil, the brakes checked, water in the radiator and the tyres balanced.


I will get your engine tuned up and running smoothly, give your bodywork a good polish and brush up, set your Satnav for the new road ahead and before you know it you will have the keys to a new you! I will look closely at your life and how you roll, showing you how to use regular maintenance rather than popping pills when the aches and pains get too much. If that is what you’re doing, you’re just treating the symptoms, not the causes.


So, the New Year is going to be the new you that you've always hoped for but didn't know where to start. Come and have a one to one fact-packed 2 hour MOT with me. I will look at all aspects of your life and arm you with top tips, recipes, better ways to shop, eat, cook, plan meals, diaries and lifehacks on how to do ‘You’ with more energy, less stress, more organisation and planning, show you how to declutter your life and have more of what you actually want.

Absolutely no dieting or gyms involved!

2 hours, one to one MOT with me, £40.00