Wellness - 2019


Happy New Year everyone! I love the New Year, it feels fresh, and it feels like the chance for new beginnings, a chance to change.


I’m not much for resolutions, as I think we are just setting ourselves up for a fall, as what we really need is continuous encouragement and support and the mentality that if we fall off we just get back on, celebrate the successes we have already achieved instead of feeling like a failure because we have not lived up to our ‘resolutions’.

However, I have decided to design a new year new me! This is a life long change, not one that is to last a month or even a year. After helping my clients in all facets of their lives I want to try and help as many people as I can feel better physically and mentally and to do that I need to be as healthy as possible too, so embarking on my own New Year, New You therapy; looking at my life and how to change it for a healthier, more active one. I realised as I was writing the therapy tools for my clients that the CBT and life coaching tools I have implemented within the lifestyle change would be perfect for me too! In my therapy one of the tools is to Buddy Up with a like minded friend or family member so to encourage and support each other through, so, I chose my daughter, Holly.

After I created the therapy I started writing an accompanying booklet explaining all the tools to succeed and get us and my clients over life’s hurdles. Then came recipes, top tips, planners, diaries and a 12 week plan and now it has sort of snowballed into a massive self-help guide with additional recipe books, meal ideas, life hacks and all sorts of add-ons to help get us all healthier, it has grown legs and run off with me and I’m barely able to keep up!


Then I realised that maybe I could actually write a proper book with chapters and everything! So I got to laying it out and looking more closely at the cognitive behavioural therapy which were basically the tools of my book, my life coaching training which are the top tips, my own life experiences and 35 years of food and nutrition experience from where I pulled the recipes, the good food, bad food lists, the research I’ve done along the way on healthier living and being more active without having to go to a gym or go on a diet and combine them all together and I have the basis of something, I think!

So my next step was to look into costs, self-publishing, printing and all the logistics and it seems it’s much easier than you could possibly ever think. So for the next few months, my daughter, Holly and I are going to live the CBT tools, the life tips and the recipes, the basic 12-week plan and the planners so we are sure it all works as well as we know it will and now we are so excited it’s ridiculous!


So I suppose the moral of my little story is; if you dare to believe it you can achieve it. Don’t be happy with mediocre, do something great, use this New Year for your chance to change it, bring it on.

2019 let’s be having you!

Be kind to yourself, Denise x