Wellness - GET A MASSAGE!


It may come as no surprise to you that this week I am singing the praises of massage! As you may know, I am not only a talking therapist but also a massage therapist. Until I started to study massage to qualify all I knew was that a massage made you feel nice and it was something no one ever gave any time unless someone bought a gift voucher for your birthday! Now, I know different and wanted to share with you this wonderful thing most of us do not give ourselves.

hot stones.jpg

On each page of my website I have a motivational quote, on my massage page it says, “Imagine, most people don’t know how good their bodies are designed to feel”. And we don’t.

Firstly, there is literally a huge list of ailments, diseases and disorders that massage, at the very least, really helps turn it around from a pain point of view, and at most, leaves you feeling completely ache and pain-free. Everything from relieving arthritis pain, fibromyalgia pain and all range of back and muscle problems, to helping people with stress, headaches and migraines, increases blood circulation and lowers blood pressure, helps depression and anxiety, making you feel uplifted and hopeful.


I also realised that we need to regularly maintain our bodies with massage, like weekly or 2 weekly at most, which then, in turn, helps our mind, creating all-round wellness. The effects really are amazing. I optimise my massage therapy by adding aromatherapy essential oils specifically blended for the individual client, as again essential oils have an incredible effect on our overall wellness and even on their own can really lift your mood, calm your nerves or relax you. If the client has particular muscular problems I use hot stones to work deep into the muscles to smooth away the tension and knots easily and the effects on my clients are brilliant to see when they leave without the pain they came in with and with an aura of total overall wellness.

Go get a massage people!