Mental Health - JOIN A CLUB


Mental Monday – Join a club!

Especially if you suffer from depression, anxiety, loneliness, this will be great for you; if you don’t, this will still be great for you! Although you probably will try anything not to have to get dressed and go outside! I understand sometimes you don’t have the motivation to even get out of your pyjamas some days, but you’re not meeting new people or any people! You’re not ‘growing’ as a person. You are staying in your comfort zone, which I also totally understand, but to move forward and try and get out of your rut, I want you to join a club; a gardening club, swimming club, do a ‘Park Run’, Ceroc dancing club, try a social club where they have ‘meetups’ for drinks, food or cinema etc, any club, whatever you fancy.

Imagine you could be part of something really enjoyable, and if you can continue on your journey of change you must tell yourself “I’m going to make the effort”.


The first step is easy, start by ‘Googling’ local clubs; local meetups or just type in anything that you think you might be interested in. Look on your local council’s website; ask neighbours or friends if they know of anywhere too.

The next easy step is to email or make the phone call to the place you’ve found. Please don’t worry about anything at all, everybody is really welcoming and keen to get new members to join their clubs, so it really isn’t as daunting as you might tell yourself!


Being part of a team while doing something you really enjoy will have the most wonderful effect on your self esteem, your sense of achievement, your physical and mental self, you’ll meet new people, and you’ll soon be getting excited when it’s the day to go to your club, what’s not to love?

I would love to hear about your new club, please email me with your stories to, Denise x