Wellness - JAW DROPPER


It’s Flabby Friday again! I have been fairly ‘good’ but not very! Not enough to want to weigh myself, but I did and I didn’t lose or gain, so I’m getting back on today!

But I have spent most of this week researching statistics of food related diseases, cancers and disorders, and quite frankly it’s so scary, there are so many reports, graphs and news pieces, I soon realised that giving you a load of numbers and percentages doesn’t really mean much to anybody and infinitely boring. You need to be interested enough in the food you eat and ultimately your health to go and find out for yourself, but I’ve made it easy for you, below you will find the links to educate yourself.


I always knew that the manufactured food was horrifically bad for us all. I have always known that the long hours we work just enable us to pick up a ready meal or take away without any thought and I always knew that unless we get back to basics, teach our children at home and at school we are all doomed to all the nasty diseases you can think of.


The biggest penny dropped when I was watching ‘The C word’ on Netflix, which tells us about the foods that are linked to cancer, which is now common knowledge, but the big jaw dropper for me was when they showed that when the big tobacco companies were sued successfully in America for $365.5 billion back in the 90’s for knowingly selling tobacco and cigarettes that were carcinogenic and killing us all, they then looked around for something else to get us addicted to, yep… food.


Phillip Morris, who still sells tobacco under the names of Marlboro, Benson & Hedges, Chesterfield, L&M, Peter Stuyvesant and hundreds of others, now owns Kraft, General Foods, Oscar Mayer Foods, Miller, Jacobs and Suchard who also own Cadbury, Jacobs, LU, Maxwell House, Milka, Nabisco, Oreo, Phildadelphia, Unilever, Bird's Eye and many, many more. Delivering you pretty much all of the manufactured food we eat.

And here we are.

So if I’m found tomorrow morning not breathing any more from a strange mishap then you’ll know why and who did it!

Further research on Netflix food documentaries is to watch ‘What the health’ and the ‘Rotten’ series. All mind blowing. But at least you will then be in charge of the full facts on which to base your food decisions. Fair enough, all of the series are based on American laws, back hander’s, corruption and all sorts of goings on, but it’s only a matter of time people!

Denise x