Mental Health - FOOD & MOOD


In my talking therapy sessions I ask my clients to complete a diary of their mood and a diary of their food between sessions, so I can see if there is any direct correlation to their issues. And, of course, there is.


Especially where there is a high intake of alcohol, energy drinks, high sugar, fat and salt, or indeed lack of food in general, and if there is no form of physical exertion at any level. All of those things are ingredients for disaster for your mind, therefore, your physical self, your mood and your relationships. Just as if you put the wrong oil or fuel in your car, it becomes sluggish, it spits and spurts and eventually conks out!

If you would like to try this for yourself you can get your food diary and your mood diary here, fill them in as regularly as you can and you will also see the direct correlation if you think your diet might need a shake up.


If you feel you might suffer from depression, anxiety or anything that is affecting your day to day life, you think your diet or way of life is not condusive to a happy and healthy you, you are no longer on your own, give me a call on 07572102520 so we can discuss your therapy options and get you started. Don’t leave it - sort it.

Denise x