Therapy Shed Combo Massage 90 minutes Gift Voucher - £65

Therapy Shed Combo Massage 90 minutes Gift Voucher - £65


A combination of the four most relaxing, restoring and stress relieving massage therapies; Traditional massage using Aromatherapy and Hot Stones finishing with a wonderful Indian head massage. Aromatherapy essential oils have therapeutic properties to uplift, relax, calm and focus. Hot Stones treatment provides a deep, relaxation by placing the stones on your muscles and using them to actually massage you which works really well for stress, anxiety and depression, it melts away your tension, eases your muscle stiffness, drains your Lymphatic system and increases circulation and metabolism, promotes deeper muscle relaxation. Indian head massage will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and balanced.

Treat your family and friends to the amazing gift of some ‘Me Time’ at the Therapy Shed with a gorgeous Gift Voucher.

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