M.O.T. Gift Voucher £40

M.O.T. Gift Voucher £40



If you’re feeling tired, sluggish, stressed and overwhelmed, you’re finding it hard to deal with your everyday life, then you may not be firing on all cylinders. So come and spend a couple of hours with me where I will look at all aspects of your life; your diet, your exercise, your work life and what generally goes on. I will be able to guide you through the hurdles, give you some new tools to deal with the harder stuff that life throws at us sometimes and give you some fabulous life hacks, top tips, new ideas about food and drink, give you recipes, planners and diaries to help you fuel yourself well and you’ll soon be able to get through your week with confidence and determination

2 hours

Treat your loved one to this fabulous time to get them back on track.

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