Face Food 45 mins Gift Voucher - £45

Face Food 45 mins Gift Voucher - £45


Face Food

Organic Facial Treatment and Facial Massage

Facial Massage & Organic and Natural Facial Treatment , for Men and Women - 45 minutes
Using all organic, natural ingredients and essential oils to give your face what it deserves. We start with a Frankincense cleansing face wash, then one of our homemade scrubs and masks especially made for you to suit your skin type; oatmeal, avocado, coconut oil, lemon juice, Manuka honey, cucumber, witch hazel and of course essential oils are just some of our fresh, organic and natural ingredients we use to literally feed your face! Then a facial and head massage, Starflower toner, White Tea eye gel and Palmarosa moisturiser. This 6 layer treatment makes you glow, rejuvenates your skin and nourishes it like nothing before, not a harsh chemical in sight, a real treat.

A cleansing face wash removes any dirt or grease, then one of our gentle homemade scrubs is applied to remove dead skin cells, then a wonderful rejuvenating mask made from fresh, organic, natural ingredients nourishes your skin, a gentle massage to the face and head, relaxes and tones the muscles, drains the lymphatic fluid and toxins and encourages collagen, then a natural Starflower toner is applied and  finaly a nourishing Palmarosa moisturiser makes you feel and look fabulous.

Treat your family and friends to the amazing gift of some ‘Me Time’ at the Therapy Shed with a gorgeous Gift Voucher.

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