Massage Therapy

Come and feel inspired, motivated, guided, balanced, relaxed, positive, amazing.

“Imagine, most people have no idea how amazing their body is designed to feel.”

— The Therapy Shed 

Massage Therapy


 Want to feel Amazing?

There are many reasons why we should have regular, professional, therapeutic massage, mainly because you deserve it and of course it is a real form of regular body (and mind) maintenance, not only does professional massage make you feel amazing, but all these other things too...

  • A recent survey found that Reflexology, Body Massage and Aromatherapy are the 1, 2, 3 on everyone's hit list.

  • A one-hour massage session can reduce stress, anxiety and depression significantly, by lowering the heart rate and reducing levels of insulin and cortisol.

  • A hot stone body massage quadruples this effect.

  • Aromatherapy massage gives your mind and body a general state of wellness and balance through the power of aromas.

  • Reflexology speeds up recovery after an injury or surgery, reduces sleep disorders, and relieves depression and pain. It also helps ease the treatment of various types of cancer and even soothes the pain of pregnancy.

And some more...

Massage relieves stress, anxiety and depression, manages back, neck and joint pain, helps fibromyalgia pain, reduces muscle tension, relieves tension headaches and migraine frequency, improves cardiovascular health, reduces osteo and rheumatoid arthritis pain, improves balance in older adults, tempers effects of dementia, lowers blood pressure, increases range of motion, reduces chemotherapy-related nausea, increases circulation and metabolism, increases lymphatic drainage

indian head massage

Here's how

Click any of our fantastic therapies below to find out exactly what's involved in each one; techniques, duration and price, you can purchase our amazing gift vouchers and book directly from there too


What happens during my Session?

For new clients, before your massage there will be a short consultation to ensure we give you the massage you want. Your therapy room is totally private, warm and comfortable, blinds are closed, door shut, there is gentle background music, candles and atmospheric lighting.

You will change in private and settle yourself on our super comfy, extra wide, extra thick, memory foam, heated massage couch. Also, if you like you can take a shower before or after your treatment, we supply towels, Neal's Yard toiletries, bath robes and slippers for your use.

After your massage you will be given a few minutes to compose yourself and get dressed, you will also be offered chilled, fresh, filtered water. 

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